Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Nine-Month Old Tree At Henderson

Sweng and I were down at the Henderson Waves one December morning and soaked in the cool weather (thanks to the early morning rain) and nice scenery.

We were totally enchanted by the beauty of nature that surrounded us.

We strolled along the bridges, pausing now and then to enjoy the scenery and attempt some shots on our phones.

And just when our extravagant walk was about to come to an end, standing on a bridge near Lock Road, we saw a familiar scene.

Yes! Nestled among other young trees on a green field below was the young tree BGO planted in April 2008. We had forgotten to bring along our camera when we planted it last year through Garden City Fund, and now I just had to take a long shot at it.

We were very happy to see the trees growing well and the area much greener than when we first came for the tree-planting.

Ah..... it was a nice morning walk.